V-Ray for Rhino

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V-Ray for Rhino – Special CoVid-19 offer.

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Learn how to use V-Ray inside Rhino without having to export your design to other programs.

Set up lights and camera and tweak render engine settings to produce quick renders or high-quality images.
Create physically correct materials, procedural materials, and textured materials and learn how to map complex objects.


  • Render settings: quality vs speed
  • Camera and light setup
  • Materials: procedural and textured
  • Custom texture mapping
  • Interior and exterior setup
  • Effects

“Thank you for hosting this VRay workshop. The content is in-depth, and the speed is perfect. The provided 3D model is an excellent example of how detail to make a sense to look real. I thought they are beneficial. The teaching of fundamental procedural material was really great.” – BoSheng L.

images from the course
Free tutorial on caustic effects