Grasshopper to Revit

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This course was first given in 2019 at Xi’an Jiaotong Liverpool University in China where it was sold-out.

We’ve been exploring and implementing Rhino-Revit interoperability strategies during the last 10+ years and we have also worked with GeometryGym software, BullAnt. In our experience this is the most effective workflow for bringing Rhino/Grasshopper geometric complexity and computational design inside the Revit’s BIM world.

There are other plugins that allow exporting Rhino geometry to Revit but the result does not compare to BullAnt native IFC conversion.

During this course you will:

  • Understand IFC workflow both from Rhino and Revit perspective
  • Use Grasshopper to create the parametric/computational model
  • Use BullAnt to prepare the exportation
  • Import the model inside Revit via IFC
  • Understand the limits of Rhino->Revit interoperability

Software setup

You must have Rhinoceros 6 installed.

We have published a list of recommended Grasshopper plugins for Architecture: you should install all of them.

You can download BullAnt plugin from GeometryGym download page.
Follow instructions on GeometryGym website to obtain your license (it’s free for students) and tell Jon Mirtschin you’re participating in this workshop.
It is mandatory you download/install the following three files:

  • BullAnt Rhino6 v1.5.03.msi (17th June 2020)
  • ggRhino6IFC v1.8.10.msi (17th June 2020)
  • ggRevitXXXXIFC v0.9.01.msi (17th June 2020) REVIT XXXX (substitute XXXX according to your Revit version)