5×1 Grasshopper Bundle

75.00 $

80% discount on this Grasshopper CoVid-19 5×1 bundle that includes:

  1. Grasshopper Data
  2. Grasshopper Metaballs
  3. Grasshopper Growth (best seller)
  4. Parametric Jewelry
  5. Ephemeral Architecture
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“I think this was an incredible opportunity to get professional Grasshopper courses. Personally, I desired to buy a course but the price is a bit expensive, that’s why this offer is exactly what I needed it. By the way, I consider this offer like Giancarlo’s humanism demonstration to all people across the world living Coronavirus pandemic.” – Ariel Z.

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Why this bundle

Whether you’re affected by CoVid-19 or not I think it’s important in this difficult situation to concentrate on us, human beings, discover how necessary separation reveals the importance of staying close to each other with thoughts and empathy.

Since yesterday I’m in voluntary isolation in Mexico, a country where despite the virus is already and silently spreading there’s no consistent action by the government except from generic recommendations and canceling of some (not all) crowdy events. My parents and my brother are in Italy and I have friends in almost all of the affected countries where coronavirus already turned into a social, economic and sanitary disaster. The way this virus has spread in such countries has been basically identical: a first unperceived phase has led to a massive diffusion throughout the population. Yet people seem to lack the very idea of “learning by experience” so here we are assisting to music festivals, spring breakers, airplanes coming straight from Italy, crowdy religious events. Sometimes I think we deserve extinction.

Anyway, in the next month I will dedicate most of my time to develop and create new contents and tutorials, record new video courses and update and improve old ones.

And in order to ease the pain of staying home I embrace the idea of many colleagues and publish this 5×1 Grasshopper video courses bundle.


This bundle includes:

  • Grasshopper Data Manipulation (3 video lessons)
  • Grasshopper Metaballs (1 video lesson)
  • Grasshopper Growth (3 video lessons)
  • Parametric Jewelry (8 video lessons)
  • Ephemeral Architecture (3 video lessons)